Do you let your attitude predict outcomes?

how often do you let attitude predict outcomes

Do you let your attitude predict outcomes?

How often do you let your attitude and emotions predict the outcome of your day or a situation? Sometimes these thoughts and feelings are unconscious, however once recognised will enable you to build awareness around the outcomes you achieve.

If you think when invited to a party that you’d never enjoy that persons party and are only going out of obligation –  guess what? It is likely that the party will suck and you will not have a good time.

attitude predict outcome at party

Changing your attitude

What would happen if you acknowledged your thought that the party will be bad and then replace this thought with the party being fun and an opportunity to meet new people? Be and do something different and accept the generosity and hospitality of your host for including you in their invite. Now do you think the party may have a different outcome if you go in with a positive attitude?

changing attitude to change outcome at party

Would love to hear when your attitude has impacted upon your day.

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