Meet Me

I am an adventure seeking social worker, pole dancing blind woman and prospector of your unique gifts. I am all about stepping outside the square and challenging myself as well as the people around me to think differently. When I’m not working, studying for university or writing a book, I am out ‘accessing adventure’ and finding new ways to push boundaries and overcome fear.

This all sounds ambitious, but I’m very definite on having a great balance of things in my life that brings joy and makes me truly happy.

Although I believe having a long-term view and setting goals is incredibly important, I also live life for every moment. I consciously take in the world through my other four senses as I am legally blind.

“I love the smell of rain, clean clothes and the bookstore. (Yes, I go to the bookstore and smell the books – even though I use audio and eBooks to read!) I love the touch of the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and hugs from loved ones. The taste of a great meal or glass of wine are things I savour. And, of course my hearing. I enjoy reading audio books, chatting with friends and listening to a wide range of music. (Not that my neighbours always appreciate my musical tastes).”

I enjoy sharing my story of how I have achieved life’s successes so far. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, and at times, my disability has negatively impacted upon some of the opportunities presented to me.

Maybe it is resilience or simply being a little stubborn, I am not sure, but one thing I am sure of is that I have decided embracing my disability as part of my identity is the only way forward. I am passionate about building awareness, helping others and building new connections.I am always keen to learn about others and how they build success.

Life experiences, formal education and a professional career have provided me with a fantastic toolbox of resources that I love to share with others. I believe I have been presented with adversity and some challenges in life for the purpose of being able to help guide others through their difficult times.