Do you have a goal or a dream that you are longing to achieve? Do you feel stuck trying to get started? Well now is the time to begin and coaching can help you get started to achieve your dreams.

Resilience Coach

How often have you thought… “If only I…”?

This may be in any aspect of your life where you are dreaming of a different future. Achieving these outcomes is not only possible – but just one step away.

As your resilience coach, I can help you transform your life and help you to reach your goals and unlock your full potential.

Getting the best out of yourself and the people around you is easy once you have removed the obstacles and challenges  that are holding you back.

Let’s work together to build your skills and tools so you are the one in control of your destiny –  the one that can make the changes you require in life not only now, but in the future.

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Career Coaching

As your career coach, I will support you to get more out of life by assisting you to pursue the career you desire, providing you with the key skills to conquer the application process, ace the interview and work in your dream role.

Putting your needs first, we will work together to create a tailored and individualised plan.

This is for you if you already have a job and wish to extend your career or if you are looking for your dream role.

I have 25 years experience helping people who are disadvantaged, identify with a disability or have a health condition or injury, to gain ongoing employment, re-join the workplace or find a new role.

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NDIS Coaching & Mentoring

Are you an NDIS participant or a Support Coordinator with a participant that is struggling with life skills?

I can provide an individualised coaching and mentoring plan that includes discovery and identifying strengths, setting goals, improving confidence and building motivation.The online format is ideal for flexible time frames and locations suitable for the participant.

The NDIS service includes looking at ways to manage complex barriers, considering disability disclosure, and other supports to assist the participant to access the workplace and the community.

Packages can be tailored to meet the specific needs and individualised plans of participants. Sessions are goal orientated and outcome driven.



Some of the ways coaching can help you:

  • Develop solutions to problems you are currently unequipped to deal with;
  • Overcome negative self-beliefs and limiting thought patterns;
  • Improve relationships with others;
  • Set your future life or employment goals;
  • Build strategies to get you through stressful and challenging situations;
  • Celebrate your successful outcomes.

This is only the beginning. The achievements you can make are only limited by your imagination.

I offer packages that are individualised to your needs. I will take into account your desired outcomes, budget and time availability to design the package that best works with you. I offer both private and group sessions, and once we have completed the complimentary session we can discuss what is the best way forward to achieve your dreams.

You can realise your dreams and create a brighter future. I love helping people and will be with you every step of the way.

I specialise in working with people with disability to assist them with overcoming life’s challenges. The NDIS service includes looking at ways to manage complex barriers, planning for workplace modifications and/or specialised job customisations and other supports to assist the participant to access employment and the community.

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Victoria, Qld

What my clients are saying…

Thank you Fi for your amazing coaching sessions these last few months.

I truly am very grateful for you walking along side me on my journey of self discovery. I have developed a new perspective of my life in many areas because of your coaching.

Thank you once again I will be back to receive more coaching as I feel the need.

Victoria, Qld

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What is coaching?

Coaching is an opportunity to explore what isn’t working for you right now and how to change that into reaching successful outcomes and creating the life you desire.

coaching & mentoring

If you are looking for some motivation or need assistance with goal setting or building life skills, some coaching & mentoring can assist you. I can assist you with the right steps to building your capacity and acheiving your dreams. Contact me for more information on personalised Coaching & Mentoring.