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Hi. I am Fiona Demark

I am here to help you achieve your dreams.

I am qualified in a range of treatment techniques and modalities and have the tools to work with you in a personalised way to identify the changes and achievements you want to make and how to create outcomes.


Are you at a crossroads and not sure what path to take to create the life you wish you had?

What does your ideal life look like?

Take one moment to think about all the things you dream of achieving.

Is it a place of peace, harmony and abundance?

A place where you have healed from past trauma or overcome adversity?

hand helping rock climber

Now imagine you have a guide and helping hand to support and encourage your journey to self-fulfilment.

How wonderful does that sound?

The reality is – that person exists.

I am here to listen to your dreams, work collaboratively with you to understand what is holding you back from reaching your goals.

Together we will implement new ways of thinking, along with action plans to assist you to live that ideal life you just imagined.

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