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17 July - Know More, Know Less Podcast

know more know less podcast logo

Set backs and perserverence

I was a guest on Michael Cecchin’s podcast ‘Know More. Know Less. We talked about living with disability and the set backs I’ve had and how I’ve used perserverence to get through these times. I hope you enjoy the episode. 

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9 August - Choice & Perspective

Being with Sally Wilson podcast graphic

Being with Sally Wilson

I spoke with Sally Wilson on her Being Podcast. We talked about choice and perspective and how I have embraced adversity to get where I am today.

Watch/Listen here.

17 September - ABC Radio broken hill

ABC Radio Broken Hill

I spoke with Greta Jackson on Mornings on ABC Broken Hill.  I grew up in Broken Hill so we had a bit of a chat about that and before discussing the AusMumpreneur Awards that I was nominated for. AusMumpreneur Awards are for mums in business, so we also discussed running a business with a disabilty. 

Listen below


17 July - We've Got a Problem POdcast

we've got a problem podcast image

Responsible Resiliance

Recently, Andrew Wallace interviewed me on his podcast “We’ve Got a Problem”. We tallked about resilience and setting up structures in your life to support your goals. I hope you enjoy the interview. 

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14 July - My Place, Star Weekly

Star Weekly My Place Article

25 April 2023 - chrone joy podcast

Chrone Joy Chats Podcast image

Chrone Joy Chats

I had a chat with Pia Antico from Chrone Joy Chats. Pia chats with women over over 40 and how its never too late to live your best life. 

Find the podcast here.

27 January - let's have this conversation

Every Moment is an Opportunity

I spoke with Kevin McShan on his Let’s Have this Conversation Podcast. We talked about turning lemons into lemonade and other ways to view moments as opportunities.

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1 Nov - The I can't stand podcast

Fiona and Peta posing for a photo at the Women with disabilities AGM

Resilience, Pole Dancing and Living with Vision Impairment

In this podcast with Peta Hooke, I talk about living with disability, awareness and inclusion. I was then lucky enough to meet her in person at the Women with disabilities AGM lunch. 

Listen here:


11 July 2022 - Excellence Podcast

excellence podcast image

Excellence Podcast

I spoke with Rael Bricker on the Excellence Podcast and gave him my top 5 tips on overcoming adversity.

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6 July 2022 - Pesistence U Podcast

persistence u podcast image

When Fiona Demark’s Family Told Her to Not Expect Too Much of Herself Due to Her Disability, She Found Support Elsewhere

In this podcast with Lizbeth Meredith, I discuss the low expectations of my family with regards to my disability and how I had to develop resilience so I could overcome these challenges and achieve my dreams.

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4 July 2022 - Then Wait podcast

Then Wait Podcast

I spoke with the Then Wait Podcast about living with disability.

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27 June 2022 - Barefoot with Spirit Podcast

barefoot with spirit podcast

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

I spoke with Leanne from the Barefoot with Spirit Podcast about Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone. Its a topic I enjoy speaking about and something that I challenge myself with on a daily basis.

Listen here

18 June 2022 - The dynamo podcast

The dynamo podcast

The Dynamo Podcast with Isaac Wambua

I was interviewd by Isaac Wambua on the Dynamo Podcast about finding security through adversity.

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15 june 2022 - Born Unbreakable

Finding the Silver Lining

I was interviewd by Coach Dez on the Born Unbreakable podcast and spoke about my resilience and how I find the silver lining when faced with adversity.

Watch here

17 March 2022 - The Taming Tribulation Podcast

taming tribulation podcast logo

Questions I’m Nervous To Ask Most Blind People

I gave Wyatt and Jeremy from the Taming Tribulations Podcast, the opportunity to ask any questions they liked about being blind. We talked about my vision loss and how I manage my mobility. We also discussed overcoming adversity, goal setting and building resilience.

Listen here

15 March 2022 - Disembodied Podcast

disembodied podcast logo

Disembodied Podcast

I chatted with EV Escher on the Disembodied Podcast about living life with a disability and overcoming obstacles.

Listen here

10 March 2022 - The Karma of It All

The Karma of it All logo

Ways to recognise self confidence

The Karma of it All is a great podcast about relationships, self discovery and personal stories. I spoke with Karmplexity about self-confidence and how to tell the difference between it and pride.

Listen here

6 march 2022 - Buision podcast

Overcoming the Obstacles

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Jeremy on the Buision Podcast. The podcast is about business, law and life and we explored how to overcome the many obstacles that life throws at us.

Buision on Spotify

1 March 2022 - The Afrocentrist Podcast

The Afrocentrist Logo

Overcoming Adversity and Keeping a Positive Mindset

I was interviewed by the American gypC podcast featuring Klaccik Carpenta and gypC. Klaccik Carpenta is an entrepreneur, music producer, cellist, singer from Mississippi. gypC is Web developer, Photographer, Vlogger and Podcaster.

We talked about keeping a positive mindset in the face of adversity – something that has become even more important lately.  Listen in via the links below.

The Afrocentrist Podcast

11 February 2022 - Experimental Leader Podcast

Melanie Parish image The experimental Leader

The Experimental Leader Podcast

I enjoyed being interviewed by Melanie Parish on her Podcast – The Experimental Leader. We shared many insights about living with disability and adversity. It was a great chat. Pop on over to her website to listen to “Overcoming Adversity, Resilience and Keeping a Positive Mindset” or read the transcript.

The Experimental Leader Podcast

Also available on:


3 February 2022 - neon woman podcast

Neon Woman

I joined Chloe in conversation on her podcast, Neon Woman, to talk about my life’s journey and inspirations. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast.

Listen in here.

3 January 2022 - The everyday determinator Podcast

the everyday determinator podcast graphic

The Everyday Determinator Podcast

Interview with Anne Okafor

To start the year off, I was interviewed by Anne Okafor who is the Everyday Determinator. We had a lot of fun.

Take a listen here! You can even download the transcript if its easier for you to read the interview.

31 December 2021 - Get off the bench!

Get off the Bench!

Kerryn Vaughan from Get off the Bench interviewed me on her podcast on NYE. I hope you can hear how much fun we had during the interview.

Take a listen to the podcast here <—-

Get off the bench with Fiona Demark graphic

3 December 2021 - Interview with Andrew Edmondson

International Day of People with Disability

Interview with Andrew Edmondson

As part of the International Day of People with Disability 2021, I was lucky enough to interview Paralympian Andrew Edmondson. Andrew has represented Australia in wheelchair Rugby at the 2016 and 2021 Olympics. It was great to get some incite into how he ticks. Watch the video <— here!

21 November 2021 - Talk all things with JP

Talk All Things with JP

On the 21 November 2021, I was interviewed by JP at Talk All Things. Radio Voice hosts podcasts by and for people with disability.  Definitely worth a listen!

Take a listen to the podcast here. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6ql4dJylNEd2vElf1j8rQ7https://shows.acast.com/tobyonathursday/episodes/fiona-demark

5 November 2021 - Podcast with Michael de Groot

michael de groot podcast animated image

Podcast with Staying Alive UK

Interview with Michael de Groot

I shared my story with Michael de Groot on his podcast ‘Staying Alive UK’, I had a lot of fun talking about my story from growing up in Broken Hill to starting my own business.

Take a listen to the interview on Michael’s website.

Staying Alive UK – Podcast with Fiona Demark

15 October 2021 - The Toby Gribben show

toby gribben podcaster image

The Toby Gribben Show

On the 15 October 2021, I recorded a podcast with Toby Gribben which was a lot of fun.

Take a listen to the podcast here. https://shows.acast.com/tobyonathursday/episodes/fiona-demark

28 September 2021 - A Magical Life Podcast

A Magical Life Podcast

On September 28, I recorded a podcast with Magic Barclay of A Magical Life on health, wellbeing and fitness.

Tune in and listen to the podcast on the link beside this post.


UPCOMING EVENT - Bounce into life program - 22 September 2021

fiona demark logo

Bounce Into Life Program

I’m excited to have commenced the  10 week Bounce Into Life Program with Vision Australia. The participants are having a great time engaging with each other and I am enjoying coaching the participants to make the changes they need, to work towards achieving their dreams.

16 September 2021 Zen Buzzys

zen buzzys logo

Zen Buzzys Podcast

I spoke on Zen Buzzys Podcast Spiritual Alchemy Energy with Julie Ann Guthrie-Smulson. Julie Ann is a healer and the creator of Spiritual Alchemy Energy Transfigurations.

Listen to the podcast and see what you think!

You can find out more about Julie Ann and Zen Buzzys from their website https://zenbuzzys.com/


My way of thinking podcast

my way of thinking meme

My Way of Thinking Podcast

It was great to speak to Lee Greenhough who hosts the My Way of Thinking Podcast. Listen to this fun podcast with Lee interviewing me all the way from the UK. I had a great time doing the podcast and I hope you enjoy it too.

My Way of Thinking Podcast

8 April 2021 - Yarra Valley FM RADIO INTERVIEW

yarra valley fm logo

Community Conversations

I had an enjoyable morning on Yarra Valley FM talking to Bruce Argyle on his Community Conversations. We looked at ways you can set goals, how to get motivated and how to achieve your dreams.

Take a listen to the podcast to get a taste of the techniques I use in my coaching. Test them out and see what you think.

You can listen to the podcast here: Yarra Valley FM with Bruce Argyle 

15 march 2021 - 3WBC RADIO INTERVIEW

3wbc logo

Big Life Conversation

I was excited to be in conversation with Jacinta Stiles McNena on 3WBC on her Big Life Conversation show.

You can listen to the interview here:

25 February 2021 - plenty valley fm radio interview

Plenty Valley FM logo

I spoke with Plenty Valley FM about my lifes journey on 5 February 2021. You can listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the interview here.

 Plenty Valley Radio Interview Part 1

Plenty Valley FM Radio Interview Part 2

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