Bounce Back to Work Seminar

Does your DES client need extra support to overcome barriers to employment?

This seminar is an interactive session ideal for DES clients who are job ready and require assistance to overcome those last barriers to employment.

The Bounce Back to Work Seminar engages with DES staff and clients to build motivation and to provide practical tools which will enable clients to continue working with Employment Consultants to achieve positive employment placements.

Jobseekers will leave the Bounce Back to Work sessions with an ability to identify the barriers preventing them from obtaining work, and how they can overcome and negotiate the things that are holding them back from achieving their employment goals. This session is designed to break down the negative thought processes that many job seekers hold towards obtaining or returning to work.

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Bounce into Life Workshop Series

The Bounce Into Life Workshop is designed to address issues that are stopping you from achieving your dreams. It will assist you to overcome adversity, build resilience and set attainable goals.

The overall aim of the Workshop series is to bring energy and momentum into the lives of participants who are feeling stuck and frustrated. The workshop series provides you with a fun, safe and supportive environment to interact and explore what is needed to create a new reality and achieve your dreams.

The sessions will provide plenty of opportunity for self-exploration, working with the support of others, and group work. The Bounce Into Life workshop engages participants, building motivation and provides practical tools that will enable you to continue working on your positive outcomes long after the series is complete.

The course can be run face to face or via online delivery. Topics covered include: Overcoming adversity and building resilience, Values and beliefs, Stepping out of your comfort zone and Principles for Success.

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What’s on your training agenda?

I can tailor my training sessions to suit your group and individualised needs. I can assist your group to:

  • Develop solutions to problems you are currently unequipped to deal with;
  • Overcome negative beliefs and limiting thought patterns;
  • Improve relationships with others;
  • Build strategies to get you through challenging situations;
  • Celebrate your successful outcomes.

This is only the beginning. The strategies I teach in my training sessions are something you can apply to many different work and life situations in order to achieve the change you are seeking.

I offer packages that are individualised to your needs. I will take into account your desired outcomes, budget and time availability to design the package that best works with you and your group. I can deliver the training face to face or via Zoom.

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Overcoming life’s challenges

My workshops can guide you through techniques to learn how to overcome the challenges you face. We all face them and we can choose how we respond to them.

Training & Workshops

If you are looking for some assistance with motivating your staff or members, or looking for ways to improve accessibility in the workplace, my workshops can assist. Contact me for more information on tailored Training & Workshops for your organisation.