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Surround yourself with goodness

surround yourself with good

Surround yourself with goodness Focus on your strengths and surround yourself with goodness. Reflect on what you are able to contribute to the world that is good, kind and loving. Think about the people you surround yourself with. Often we mimic the behaviours of the people we spend our time with, even without meaning to. […]

What if I asked myself What If?

what if I ask myself what if?

What if I asked myself What if? Take a moment to think ‘What if asked myself What if?’ and start to think how you can make this your new reality. You do not need permission or acceptance from anyone else  to follow your dreams. Not from your friends, family or work colleagues. How many times […]

Overcoming Adversity – How To Bounce Back

dog faced with the adversity of hurdles

How to bounce back from adversity We all face adversity from time to time. How you react is often the difference between taking it in your stride and at other times feeling overwhelmed and as though nothing can ever go right again. How often have you tried something that did not turn out the way […]

How Do I Boost My Self Confidence?

I believe in me

How Do I Boost My Self Confidence? How do you view yourself? How do you think others view you? Having good self-esteem is something that many of us hear about and the goal in life that will seemingly make you happy.  We all have our moments when we feel great, on top of the world […]

What Does Love Mean To You?

the word love in blocks

What does the word love mean for you? Maybe it evokes the typical red heart, cupid arrow shooting character Valentine’s Day like rituals we have been taught by Hollywood and corporate business to associate with the word. But is this really what love means for you? Think more of your partner, your best friend, family […]

Appearance: Does my inside match my outside?

woman looking at appearance in mirror

Appearance: Does my inside match my outside? Many of us spend hours and much of our hard earned money on creating our appearance the way we want others to see us. Clothes, make-up, hairstyling; it is all part of a picture we choose to present to the world. But really, what you wear and look […]