Building Resilience

Building Resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover, adapt and overcome situations that have created stress, trauma or disorder in your life. Sometimes this is the ability to overcome huge barriers, other times it is the ability to bounce back from something that is a smaller incident or situation.

building resilience can be seen as a rose grows in the pavement crack

Building resilience for the small things helps when bigger issues occur

If we build a system of resilience for those smaller things such as feeling bad due to missing your bus or getting all the red lights in a row, you will soon build the skills to become resilient in the bigger circumstances and situations which will have a greater impact upon your life, such as losing a job or a loved one.

A key item is to be able to reduce the stress and anxiety of the initial reaction to any situation, giving an opportunity to work upon the bigger situation with tools to reduce the stress and feeling of overwhelm.