Change your brain

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Change your brain

How often are you unconsciously doing the same things over and over? Get up, make your coffee, drive to work the same way, do your daily activities, just to go to sleep and get up and do the same again the next day and the next.

Challenge to change your brain

Today, and for the next week, I challenge you to change your brain and be mindful of the activities you do rather than them being unconscious.

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Think about the process when you are brushing your teeth rather than it just happening. And do at least one new thing every day to extend your brain and create changes in your life toward the outcomes you want.

Go on, try something new

live your dream with scrabble tiles

Go ahead  –  change those brain patterns and create something new! If we keep doing the same thing over and over the results will be always the same and you will not achieve your dreams.

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