The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

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The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini – What does it mean?


The new moon solar eclipse in Gemini, what does this mean for you? It’s a time for change that will affect us over the next six months. This is a great time for curiosity, new learning, mental development and opens us up to gathering knowledge and knowing more.

Because of the eclipse this is a more potent time to start manifesting new intentions, outcomes or projects. The added power of the eclipse means that the outcomes of these manifestations will be much longer lasting and have a larger impact upon your life.

Watch out for things that may happen around this time to provide insight  into the things you want or need to bring into fruition in  coming six months.

Gemini impacts upon our communication, learning and new experiences, along with transport and short journeys. Mercury retrograde and Neptune way effect this time so you may find yourself having to work through a little fog and seek extra clarity on your intentions and to really see what is happening around you

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini

A great time to challenge our beliefs and thinking patterns. Think about where you are holding yourself back, where you want to be and what the things are that you need to do to get there. A great time to create new friendships or to reconnect with people from the past. Start a new project, set new goals and celebrate new beginnings.

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