The Dark Moon Phase. What it means for you.

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The Dark Moon Phase. What it means for you.

Right now we are in a Dark Moon phase. This is a wonderful time to relax, reflect and take a moment to breathe. This is a time for self-care, kindness and constructive reflection on how the past few weeks has been going.

The things in your life that are going well and those areas where you feel need a little more attention. Use this time to journal or just take some time out for a walk in the park or on the beach. If possible, have some alone time and really pamper yourself in preparation for the month to come.

This Thursday will be a New Moon. The New Moon is a perfect time to formulate plans, gather our resources and become organised and clear about how to move forward.  The time of the New Moon, until the Full Moon is called “waxing”. In general, this is the time to focus on thoughts, affirmations and meditation associated with increase, gain, acquisition and growth of the things we want to increase or bring into our lives.

waxing crescent moon

Over the following two weeks until the moon becomes full it is a wonderful time to identify what our goals and intentions are, and how we would like this to become our reality.

A great time to focus on attraction, healing, luck, success and health.

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