Winter Solstice Full Moon –  The Cold Moon

woman sprinkiling stars in front of moon

Winter Solstice Full Moon –  The Cold Moon

This week we are celebrating both the Winter Solstice  –  the shortest daylight hours in one day – and also the Full Moon.  This month’s full moon falls into the area of Capricorn.

capricorn zodiac constellation

Many see the winter solstice as the turning point for the year. The beginning of the rebirth of the Sun. As each day passes we have more hours of sunlight and soon the winter days will change to Springtime. Right now that feels a bit far away. Now we are still in a place where the darkness arrives early in the day and the weather is cold.

winter solstice fire and marshmallows

A wonderful time for reflection, regeneration and renewal. A perfect time for sitting in front of a fire or wrapped in a cosy blanket with a cup of tea or hot chocolate with a favourite book or movie. Although everything feels dormant and bare, there are still plenty of things happening in nature and regrowth and rebirth are just around the corner.

Winter Solstice Reflection

While we are all cosy and tucked up in our homes in these darker hours, it is an opportunity for some self-reflection. What are your goals for the rest of the year? What would you like to continue and do more of? What would you like to change? For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere this time falls very close to Yule, Christmas and the New Year which is always a time where people feel drawn to make changes for the year ahead.

Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is also a time to reflect upon the year so far, be grateful for what we have and to clearly envisage what the rest of the year will look like for us. With each day, the light lasts longer, the days grow warmer and soon we can blossom like the flowers in springtime. Take a moment now and imagine how you are going to blossom in spring. What are the things you need to do now to make this a reality?

enjoying the winter sunshine

It is easy to coccoon yourself inside during these colder months and not spend as much time in nature. Make a special effort to spend some time outdoors every day – even if it is to stand in the sunlight basking in the warmth for five minutes. You will feel better for it and your body will crave the Vitamin D from the sunshine.

Take a walk on the beach, a hike in the bush or simply go for a stroll in the local park. Anything that will get you outdoors and help to remove that heavy feeling we often associate with the Winter months.

Take time out for self care

Being kind to yourself is really important at this time of year, especially if you are doing a lot of reflection and letting go of the past. Take a warm bath in candlelight, journal and enjoy time to yourself doing things you like and that are relaxing to you. Emotions can run high at this time so the self-care is really important.

Reach out to others and check in, this not only supports them but also reminds you of the outside world and gives you support during the darker months of the year. What are the things that help to recharge your battery?

Schedule time into your days to make sure you are doing the things you love, simple or complex, whatever those things are, you will feel so much better when you take the time for you. Motivation to get started may be a little more difficult at this time of year, but the outcomes will be worth pushing through that barrier of procrastanation and lethargy.

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