SkyPoint Climb on the Gold Coast

fiona at skypoint with hand in the air

SkyPoint Climb on the Gold Coast

Time for another adventure on the Gold Coast. It is alarmingly early for a holiday Sunday but the weather is clear and it is time to go to SkyPoint Climb.

The customer service staff were so friendly and explained the whole process in detail.

We were extremely lucky that as it was the first climb of the day at 7.30am. No one else had scheduled at the same time so it was like a personalised tour with myself, Paul (my husband) and the climb guide Belinda.

After removing all the items we could potentially drop off the 270 metre high tower it was time to don the sexy overalls and harness.

We ventured up the lifts to the SkyPoint Observation Deck where there were plenty of people that had decided on a scenic breakfast overlooking the Gold Coast. The breakfast eaters watched us make our way to the special locked off area that would take us outside, probably wondering if they should do the climb too.


fiona and paul at skypoint climb peak with view of gold coast in background

Starting the climb up SkyPoint to view the Gold Coast

Once in the safety lock area we were tethered onto the safety railing.  This meant that there was a moving harness connected to both me and the railing at all times as well as a safety line. Super safe.

We climbed a steep ladder to reach the platform where the stairway started. From there – up, up and away! I was told how many stairs for the trip up and back down but I can not remember.

We stopped along the way to take in the spectacular views (see below) and I think also to give climbers a rest along the way.  It was not that physically taxing. I believe that anyone who has a reasonable amount of fitness can climb the stairs.

Safety is the key for SkyPoint

The guide made sure that I was always safe and knowing what was coming up next where the stairway went around a corner etc.

When it came time for photos to hang off the building edge, once again everything was explained in detail and with care.

We had a wonderful experience, made so much better by the fact that this was really just tailored for us. It felt like there was enough time spent on the climb.

I feel that the climb was good value for money and certainly something I would recommend to those who visit the Gold Coast. The tickets also gave entry to the Observation Deck for a visit to have a snack or visit later in the day.

view from Q1 skypoint gold coast

How accessible was this adventure?

From an accessibility viewpoint. I highly recommend reading all the terms and conditions on the SkyPoint Climb website to ensure that you meet the medical criteria to climb. I needed to have a medical form signed by my GP to certify that although I have a disability that I was safe to climb. I would have been disappointed that this was needed if I had decided to book this as a spontaneous activity rather than having planned to do it and put in the research before I left home.

The site was accessible to use with a screen reader, however the booking page required assistance for completion.

If you are not afraid of heights, have a good level of fitness and are looking for some adventure this is a great activity which is close to public transport and easy to access. Visit the SkyPoint website to plan your trip.