Jet Ski Safari Adventure on the Gold Coast

fiona and paul on jet ski in action on gold coast

Jet Ski Safaris Adventure on the Gold Coast

So let’s get this out in the open at the very beginning –  I am NOT a water person. I grew up with the closest beach over 500km away. The idea of falling off the jet ski in the middle of the water (even though I had a life jacket on) totally terrified me. So this Jet Ski Safaris Adventure did push me out of my comfort zone. All of this makes this not only an Accessible Adventure, but an Accessible Super Adventure.

Communication with the provider – Jet Ski Safari’s on the Gold Cost was very smooth. Checking in via email before the trip to make sure they were able to accommodate my accessibility needs, information provided on the website and ease of booking. There was an online booking service but I decided to call and book over the phone.

Accessibility request for Jet Skiing

I was informed that my accessibility request was no problem for the crew at Jet Ski Safari’s.  One of their team members and tour guide has a lower limb condition and accessibility is something that has been simply incorporated into their standard practice.

After a safety briefing and final checks it was time to climb aboard and find out what lay ahead.  Of course I was a pillion on the jet ski with my husband Paul driving the vessel.

When booking I enquired about the use of a Companion card but as the fees are for the jet ski hire the second person is at no charge which I thought was a very good way of managing those who wanted to share the experience. My 17yo daughter and her friend also accompanied us on this adventure which added to the fun and atmosphere.

Jet Skiing Safari – The Ultimate Adventure

The jet ski had passenger side handles and I think these became my best friend.  You think after being pillion on the motorbike that I would be cool with the jet ski and just holding onto Paul –  not a chance  –  I think I left imprints in the handles I was holding on so tight.

Going through the restricted zones at 6 knots was fine, not great, but fine.  Then we hit the accelerator and that is where the real thrill, adrenaline, fear and adventure took place.  The thing is that even though I had thought about the jet ski as a motorbike in the water, I had not realised that the water would cause bumps. So when the wash from other boats or just the ocean being the ocean made waves it makes the jet ski (and its passengers) bounce. Of course I could not see this coming and can not ever predict it, so was totally reliant on Paul telling me when the waves were coming. The water splashes and wind and sun were all ok but those bumps really got me.

It was definitely a fun experience and I know I love a challenge, but the arrival for a short break at South Stradbroke Island was much appreciated. I think the journey back was more relaxed. Our group even saw dolphins.

fiona on jet ski passenger seat on the gold coast

How accessible was this adventure?

Photography was provided and we were able to use our Go Pro which was great. I love the opportunity to capture the moment and to reflect.  I do feel that this may be a once off experience with the jet skiing for me. I am not so convinced that I would say never again  –  and the team at Jet Ski Safaris advised that Winter time has a less choppy time on the water. The possibility is that I may return –  but right now the feeling is that I have ticked this off the bucket list and can move on. I think speed on water and me are not a great combination.

As you can tell –  the experience itself, the team at Jet Ski Safari’s and the overall experience was positive.  It is about knowing your limitations and being able to judge if you are able to participate as a driver or passenger on the vessel or if this is something that is not suited to you.

If you do decide the jet ski experience is for you – then definitely visit Jet Ski Safaris as they are a very accommodating and Accessible Adventure.

fiona on jet ski with paul on gold coast