Arthurs Seat Eagle

Fiona and Paul on arthurs seat eagle chair lift

Arthurs Seat Eagle

This time for an adventure close to home, and one that I have heard about for years. I thought I would give the Arthurs Seat Eagle a visit. This is a new version of this landmark that was first established on the Mornington Peninsula in the 1960’s. I have heard the stories of many people who visited the old chair lift with their family when growing up.  After a variety of issues the old chair lift closed in 2006 and the new one was built from scratch years later.

arthurs seat eagle in operation

Arthurs Seat Eagle in operation

The ride takes about  10 – 15 minutes and you can either start at the base or the top and then take the return trip.  I was very pleased at the level of accessibility for this activity. The carriages are all enclosed and very safe  –  in much contrast to the old ones. The ride was peaceful and we had lovely weather which made it even better.

We started from the bottom from the base in Dromana, and went to the top at Arthurs Seat. At the top there is a café and some nice look outs. I took a seat on ‘Arthurs Seat’, which I believe has been remade on several occasions.

fiona sitting under Arthurs Seat sign with Eagle in background

Fiona sitting on ‘Arthurs Seat’

I did not find the actual ride very ‘adventurous’ however if you had a fear of heights or it was a particularly windy day the ride may be a little more full on.  For me it was lovely to just relax and take in the feeling of being above the trees and feeling the breeze. The views – according to my husband – are of the Peninsula and you can also see the  Melbourne city skyline in the distance. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

Memories of the old Arthurs Seat chairlift

The old chairlift carriage at the entrance reminded those who had been on the ride in it’s old format what it had been like. For the rest of us, its a stark reminder on how safety has improved across the years.

This is a wonderful thing to do if you are visiting Melbourne and want to have a day on the Mornington Peninsula, or are someone who lives in Melbourne and wants to relive their past or have a day out.  Great to bring friends or family who are from interstate or overseas as well.

Probably not quite adventurous enough for me  –  but I really did enjoy the afternoon activity.

fiona sitting on old style chair lift seat

Fiona sitting on the old style chairlift seat

How accessible was this adventure?

All up, this was a great way to spend an afternoon. I really enjoyed that it was so accessible and the staff were really friendly and helpful. There was heaps of accessible parking spots available and it felt as though there had been a genuine effort to take accessibility into account when designing the building and carriages.

The website has information about the accessibility features of the ride as well as the facilities and amenities of the venue. The Gondolas are wheelchair accessible for standard sized wheelchairs. Mobility scooters are not allowed in the Gondolas, however wheelchairs are available that fit easily into the Gondolas. Scooter parking is available too, so you don’t have to leave it at home.

Holders of Carers and Companion Cards can take their carer/companion for free and to avoid confusion, they have images of the valid cards they accept on their website.

Fiona and Paul on the Arthurs seat Eagle chair lift

To have your own adventure at Arthurs Seat Eagle, visit their website. For information on accessibility, visit their Accessibility page.