Abseiling Big Rock at the You Yangs

abseiling big rock at the you yangs view of rock and trees

Abseiling Big Rock at the You Yangs

Time to take the big jump off of Big Rock at the You Yangs. It has been nearly thirty years since I last abseiled so definitely time to give this adventure another go.

Met up with Matt from Geelong Adventure Specialists in the carpark. Paul and I got all kitted up with our harness, helmets and a lot of Aeroguard to fight off the mosquitos that wanted to eat us for a snack. Matt had a abseil group for a morning session so all the equipment was set up and ready to go.

After a short walk from the carpark to the abseil site we set off on our first repels.  After a short safety briefing and attaching me to the safety rope so I could not accidentally walk off the side of the cliff – yes safety first – Paul did his abseil. This way we could ensure that he could help guide me to reach the ground and help me untether before guiding me back up the hill for another go.

Abseiling Big Rock

My first steps off the top of the rock were a little scary. Matt guided me with excellent description of the ground terrain, the distances and the type of rock outcrops and indentations that I was navigating on my way down. I needed reminder of walking my feet and keeping balance and a nice even distance between my footing.

After a few test tries on the baby abseil, Matt decided that I had a safe technique and it was time to conquer Big Rock. This is about a 25 metre drop with a slightly more difficult terrain and definitely a sharper drop off the top of the rock face at the top.

After about ten metres the abseiler disappears  from sight for the person at the top, so once again Paul waited at the bottom to help me navigate the last part of the abseil and the trip back to the top of the hill.  I think the climb back up to the top of Big Rock is more scary than the abseil as at places it is very steep  climbing up a rock face. Safest way to do was on hands and feet to keep grip.  With no safety line, this was definitely an adventure!

After a few drops from Big Rock and the tricky climb back up I was exhausted and ready for a drive home.

How accessible was this adventure?

The accessibility of this adventure was made easier by Paul my husband also participating. It meant that we could travel to the abseil location and he was also available to assist with my navigating at the bottom of the repel  as well as the journey back to the top. I am sure that GAS would have supplied another support person to assist  if Paul had not been available and would have arranged a meet point link with public transport as well.

GAS is also a NDIS provider as well as providing services to the general public, so were very well versed in making sure that not I not only had a fun afternoon, but made sure that all of the accessibility needs that I had were taken into account.  Some of this was a learning process and Matt and I worked together to communicate what was and was not working and he adapted well to working out how best to assist me in having a great adventure but keeping safe at the same time.

Definitely looking forward to undertaking some more abseiling and other activities with Geelong Adventure Specialists.