Accessibility Tips

Always wondered what you can do to make the world a more accessible place? Here are some simple every day practical tips that will help people with a disability participate in a more inclusive community.

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Sending Emails Tip

Email is often our primary communication method. Some basic tips for ensuring your emails are accessible are:

  • Stick to basic colours – the more formatting you have on the screen, often the harder it is to read.
  • Always use Alt Text for any graphics that appear on the screen.
  • Do not take screen shots or use the Snipping tool and paste items in without an explanation as screen readers to not recognise these items.

Schedule your meetings with breaks

Allow for a ten minute time slot between meetings so people have the opportunity to have a break instead of jumping from one meeting to the next.  We often schedule meetings for a full hour time zone, especially using Zoom or other virtual meeting options which leaves no time for a break if you have another meeting scheduled afterwards.

Another thing to be mindful of is to ensure you have break times allocated into longer meetings or training sessions.  A five minute break to enable people to move, have a drink of water or attend the bathroom is good for everyone –  not just those with a disability.

group of staff at office meeting sitting around a table with laptops