If you are looking to be more inclusive in your workplace or when running events, but need more assistance to do that, you have come to the right place. Below you will find some guidelines to assist you to make your communications and events more accessible to all participants. I love feedback, so if these resources help you, get in touch and let me know!

Digital Accessibility

Learn what Digital Accessibility means and why its important for all users.

Making your presentation accessible

Have you ever thought about whether people with disabilities can follow along with your presentation? They can, if you ensure that aspects of your presentation are accessible to their needs. Here are some tips for making your PowerPoint presentation accessible.

Making your Virtual meetings accessible

We are all used to being involved in virtual meetings these days. They are a great way for people with disabilities to be actively involved in meetings, particularly if there are physical barriers to attending in person, Here we have some tips to ensure that your attendees can follow along with your meetings regardless of their accessibility needs.

Making your Event accessible

There are many aspects to holding an event from booking the venue, to marketing, to having attendees there in person on the day. Make your event as accessible as possible to as many attendees as possible by following our tips on Making your Event Accessible.