Sea All Dolphin Swims

watching the seals after swimming with the dolphins

Sea All Dolphin Swims

This Accessible Adventure takes place at Sea All Dolphin Swims –  and YES! There were dolphins!

Swimming with the dolphins in Queenscliff

Queenscliff was the starting point for our adventure where the staff got us all kitted up in our wetsuits and onto the boat.  Staff were super friendly and knew their stuff which was great.  There was about thirty people on the boat which was a great size and kept  the numbers just right for the experience.

Hopping in the water

We went into the Port Phillip Bay seeking the dolphins and before long found them. Into the water off the back of the boat on a tow rope to swim in the water while the dolphins could swim at a safe distance around the participants which was nice.  It is always a good thing to have balance between tourism and nature and this group has it right.

resting on the net at sea all dolphins swims

Its not just about swimming with dolphins

Once the dolphins had enough interaction and swam off there were plenty of activities to keep the group on the boat interested.  The tour lasted about three hours so activities were organised by the staff that people could participate in as well as an opportunity to jump off the boat into the water, be towed by the rope along the side of the boat and just chilling out on the net at the side of the boat like a super big hammock.

australian fur seals lounging about

We stopped to see the seals too!

A stop was made on the return trip to see the seal colony that once again we were able to join in the water for some splashing and fun. The seals kept their distance but were very active and seemed quite at peace with the human interaction.

How accessible was this adventure?

The staff made sure that throughout the activity I was always safe and secure. Taking extra time to ensure that they gave clear and easy to follow instructions and making me feel comfortable at all times.  I am not a strong swimmer and still a little fearful in the open water, so staff also took this into account when assisting me and making sure I  got the best I could from the activities.

I would highly recommend Sea All Dolphin Swims to anyone who wants to give swimming and snorkelling with the wildlife a go.  If you are not familiar with the biodiversity of the bay and are interested in learning more, the staff are really well educated and many seem to be marine biology students who can give great explanations of the local environment.

relaxing after our swim with dolphins

I wish to thank Sea All Dolphin Swims for the complimentary tickets for myself and Paul to participate in this activity and give our review. It is very affordable for the amount of time you are out on the boat and taking into account the equipment and staff knowledge as well, I would do this again.  Even the late in the season trip once the weather had started to cool off was no disadvantage as the wetsuits kept us quite cosy.

Thanks crew  –  looking forward to seeing you along with the dolphins and seals again soon.

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