Do you feel your disability is preventing you from obtaining ongoing employment?

Are you stuck and unsure what step to take to create the career you want?

Are you ready to find your dream job today

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Here’s how I can help

Individualised coaching that will provide you with the tools and skills to score your dream job. Presented in an online format, the coaching will cover the following topics:

      • Explore what work would mean for them (discovery)
      • Motivation
      • Goal Setting
      • Developing a career plan
      • Build essential foundation skills for work;
      • Managing complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment
      • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
      • Job search skills
      • Resume preparation and presentation
      • Interview skills
      • Personal presentation and communication
      • Extensive motivational coaching and activities
      • Disability Disclosure
      • Management of Disability in the Workplace
      • Workplace Adjustments
      • Specialised job customisation
      • Other capacity building supports that are likely to lead to successful engagement in a Disability Employment Service (DES).

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If you have an NDIS participant that is struggling with gaining employment, I can provide an individualised plan that includes discovery and exploring what employment options are available to them. The online format is ideal for flexible time frames and locations suitable for the client.

The NDIS service includes looking at ways to manage complex barriers, considering disability disclosure to employers, planning for workplace modifications and/or specialised job customisations and other supports to assist the participant to access employment.

Packages include assessment, assistance with job searching and interview preparation and ongoing post employment assistance if required.

difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

Are you an NDIS Coordinator/Provider or DES Provider?

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    ndis career coaching

    If you are ready to find that dream job or new career its time for some career coaching. Fiona can assist you with the right steps to getting your career on track to where you want it to go. Contact me for more information on personalised NDIS Career and Employment Coaching.