holistic counselling

Holistic counselling views the client as a whole. Not simply treating the symptoms, but taking into account the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of a person.

Enhance your mind, body and spirit with holistic counselling. Looking at you as a ‘whole person’ I will treat you by working on past trauma, emotional and energetic blockages and stress.

Balance and Restoration

Energy blockages can hold us back from participating in our everyday lives as we would wish. Together we will uncover the things that are holding you back and work on these issues from a multi-directional approach to manage the problem and create a positive outcome.

The goal is to create optimal wellness by clearing and releasing negative energies and replacing them with pure energy, giving you the feeling of balance and restoration. By restoring your balance through holistic counselling, we can help you to achieve your dreams and goals.

create balance and restoration with the aid of holistic counselling

Your treatment may increase inner peace, clarity and focus. It will also strengthen your ability to be resilient and overcome future situations with positive coping strategies.

We will have a chat about what is currently holding you back during our first consultation. Next we will work together to develop a set of strategies that will assist you to achieve the outcomes you are seeking. We will discuss the range of different modalities that I offer and create a treatment plan which is personalised to your needs.

Don’t continue to let negative energies fill your life. Get started with a complimentary 15 minute Holistic Counselling, obligation-free, consultation where we can discuss options to suit you.

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If you are ready to enhance your mind, body and spirit, Fiona can assist you with counselling sessions that to guide you on your journey to wellness.