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Winter Solstice Full Moon –  The Cold Moon

woman sprinkiling stars in front of moon

Winter Solstice Full Moon –  The Cold Moon This week we are celebrating both the Winter Solstice  –  the shortest daylight hours in one day – and also the Full Moon.  This month’s full moon falls into the area of Capricorn. Many see the winter solstice as the turning point for the year. The beginning […]

What if I asked myself What If?

what if I ask myself what if?

What if I asked myself What if? Take a moment to think ‘What if asked myself What if?’ and start to think how you can make this your new reality. You do not need permission or acceptance from anyone else  to follow your dreams. Not from your friends, family or work colleagues. How many times […]

Making changes to reactions and behaviours

time for changing responses and behaviours

We have the ability to change our thoughts to react in a different way to situations that we experience.  This can be easier said than done though, especially if you have created a pattern of reactions and behaviour over a span of years which is your automatic reaction.  So how do we make changes to […]

Overcoming Adversity – How To Bounce Back

dog faced with the adversity of hurdles

How to bounce back from adversity We all face adversity from time to time. How you react is often the difference between taking it in your stride and at other times feeling overwhelmed and as though nothing can ever go right again. How often have you tried something that did not turn out the way […]

Diversity and Inclusion – Tips on how to make a difference

Diversity and Inclusion – Tips on how to make a difference Diversity and Inclusion are such an important part of our working and personal lives. But what does this mean? How can we make sure that we embrace these concepts into our everyday behaviours?  Our brains are wired to notice differences and similarities. It is […]

Taking control of worry

taking control of worry - man worrying

Taking control of worry Worry, feeling anxious or having a little self doubt are perfectly normal. We all feel those butterflies in our tummy before we embark upon something challenging or that holds importance to us. Job interviews, first dates or the anticipation of a rollercoaster ride will all potentially cause you to have a […]

Six tips for getting a good night’s sleep

six tips for a good nights sleep

Six tips for getting a good night’s sleep Often we are waking up feeling just as tired as we were when we went to bed. We all need to get good sleep for our physical and mental health, but many of us are having trouble in this area. Poor sleep can lead to many problems; […]