Do your DES clients need additional support to overcome barriers to employment?

The Bounce Back to Work Seminar engages with DES staff and clients to build motivation and to provide practical tools which will enable clients to continue working with Employment Consultants to achieve positive employment placements.

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What does the program cover?

The aim of the program is to engage clients to actively participate in their job search and employment preparation. I will provide them with tools to assist with:

      • Motivation
      • Goal Setting
      • Build essential life skills
      • Managing Limiting Beliefs
      • Building resilience
      • Overcoming adversity
      • Personal presentation and communication
      • Disability Disclosure.

Jobseekers will leave the Bounce Back to Work Seminar with an ability to identify the barriers preventing them from obtaining work, and how they can overcome and negotiate the things that are holding them back from achieving their employment goals. This session is designed to break down the negative thought processes that many job seekers hold toward obtaining or returning to work.

A focus of the Bounce Back to Work Seminar is to really tap into the interests and outcomes of the Jobseeker. Clients have an opportunity to create an image and vision of how obtaining sustainable employment can impact positively upon their lives. The Bounce Back to Work Seminar is not only about work, but about how clients can set goals, leap the barriers that life presents and change their whole life

HOw the program works

Bounce Back to Work is an Interactive Seminar and participants will be asked to share thoughts and ideas throughout the session. A Q & A time is allocated at the end of the session for a facilitated discussion of topics in more detail.

The Bounce Back to Work Seminar has been adapted to meet COVID safe requirements and consists of an hour of Zoom interactive engagement with Jobseekers. An alternative to the Zoom option is a  3 hour face-to-face workshop. Follow up sessions or individual career coaching can be organised.

Your training will be provided by an experienced career coach and presenter. Fiona has lived experience with disability, being legally blind. Fiona has overcome the challenges of being a jobseeker with a disability and has built a successful career as a social worker, coach and motivational speaker. 

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If you are looking for a program for your DES clients to assist with goal setting and motivation, Bounce Back to Work can assist them. Fiona can assist you with the right steps to building your capacity and acheiving your dreams. Contact me for more information on Bounce Back to Work or personalised job Coaching & Mentoring.