I began on my journey of helping and healing many years ago. Often friends and family would come to me to help problem solve for them, and I realised that this was my calling in life.  Since completing my Social Work degree at university I have had an understanding of psychology and other tools with which to assist those in need. During my study I encountered a range of different people in many circumstances who required a helping hand. From my practical placements I decided to focus on HIV/AIDS as a speciality and worked in that field for over 15 years.

When I was in my early 20’s I was introduced to Reiki. I had migraine headaches and a friend offered a treatment. I found this healing modality to be very beneficial personally and wanted to share it with others. I undertook my Reiki studies over a period of years and am now a Reiki Master.

I have since continued to study in the areas of holistic healing, including a Certificate in Natural Therapies, Graduate Certificate in Hypnotherapy and a Diploma in Life Coaching. I have complimented this study with short courses and personal growth to give me a wide range of healing modalities with which I now assist clients to reach their goals of healing and reaching their desired outcomes.

I love to help others, and enjoy watching the successes of those I work with when they make steps towards reaching their own goals. My ideal is working collaboratively with clients so they are in control of their change. With this technique, clients are provided with tools to use in the future.

It is wonderful to be able to give back, and make a difference in a world that is often difficult to navigate.

I love sharing positivity and mindfulness. I enjoy opportunities to share my story through motivational speaking presentations to groups. I have been legally blind since birth, and have developed a focus on all the other senses and abilities I have to achieve my goals and to help others reach theirs.